Meet some friends…

The Unhinged Cyclist

Seems like these days everybody wants to be a coach, but if you’re looking for a tailored coaching solution that’s a little bit different to the “one size fits all” plans that seem to abound, you could do a lot worse than talk the my good friend Rob, aka The Mower, aka The Unhinged Cyclist. You’ve probably spotted him already if you’ve ridden an open TT in these parts, quite possibly steaming past you on his way to the top few lines of the results sheet.

Even if you don’t need coaching, entertain yourself with his excellent blog, which you can find here

WildSide Cycles

Quite simply one of the best bike shops in the South East. Obviously I would say that because I work from there, but I’ve been employed at others and been offered jobs elsewhere, and this is where I’ve chosen to drop anchor. Why? Super-friendly staff, a great range of bikes, and another superb fitter, Gary Moore, with whom to share experience and knowledge. Swing by and visit

Eat Sleep Cycle

Everybody loves a solo breakaway, or in this case a three-person one. If you’re ever thinking of heading to Girona and need to hire a bike, book some guiding, or even want a complete holiday put together, you could do a lot worse than contact my friends Louise, Lee and Brian, who quit our dreary shores to follow their two-wheeled dream in Spain’s cycling Mecca. Great bikes, great riding, and thoroughly nice people. Check out their website