Ardingly 2017My name is Matt, and I’m a bikefitter. Sounds like an introduction at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. But maybe that’s apt because, for me, the subject can be in turns fascinating and infuriating, and sometimes borders on the obsessional. An addiction, one might say.

I’m never particularly keen on presenting bikefitting as a branded product because there’s a lot more to it than that, but since I’m always getting asked about my experience and what “system” I use I’ll simply state that I’m trained in Retul Fitting, Tony Corke’s Body Positioning System, Specialized Body Geometry and Trek Precision Fit. A brief round-up covering these differing protocols can be found in one of my early blogs. Knock yourself out with that one.

If you would like to experience and benefit from my irrational interest in how you interface with your bicycle, you can find me at WildSide Cycles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

I like to practice what I preach, and my latest enthusiasm is for gravel riding and audaxing. In the past I’ve time-trialled and “competed” at cyclocross and in the odd road-race, but for me, riding now is about having fun with my mates, getting out to nice places and seeing interesting things, with the occasional bit of lunacy thrown in. It’s about being a kid again.

And if you inhabit the same levels of Strava mediocrity that I, by and large, seem destined to exist on (excepting the odd flat segment, tackled when the elements were freakish and favourable) you may spot my moniker, The Cowboy, on there.